Inspirational Leaders

The messages leaders send virtually and in person are essential to creating a positive and productive atmosphere.

“Leadership doesn’t just refer to people at the top – we need to stop thinking of it in this way.” says John Yates, Group Director at ILM. Leadership exists at multiple levels throughout a variety of organisational sizes. Providing individuals with the right set of skills is vital in order to promote an inspirational management style which can generate higher levels of productivity that cascades across the organisation – ILM report that, 74% of professionals mirror the leadership styles of their colleagues.

It is not a surprise to read that, according to the Gallup Organisation, nearly 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work and CareerBuilder note that 58% of managers say that they haven’t received any formal management training.

Ensure your leaders have the right experience and training to create a motivational and engaging leadership culture. By investing in your team, you will empower them to drive productivity and performance within your organisation.

93% of employers say that their managers perform better after taking an ILM qualification.

“I feel more confident in areas of my job, for instance, finance and strategic planning. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in management.”
Denise Russell, SPL Education
Level 5 Leadership and Management, ILM

“Having other learners on the course provides an insight into different working environments where we are able to share techniques, knowledge and ideas”
Artur Ostrowski, Lang & Potter
Team Leader Level 3 ILM Qualification

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