17 Young People Reveal Their Hopes and Fears for Life in 2050

Young people today expect to be working well into the second half of this century but think technology will change the sorts of jobs they will be doing, new research shows.

Students at Plymouth College of Art, City College Plymouth and Skills Group were asked how they see their careers progressing and how they will be affected by an ever-changing workplace and technological advances.

And they were all convinced they would be still working when they reach their fifties and also that the work they will be doing is likely to be very different from today, possibly with more self-employment, more technology, more regulation, more working from home – but fewer collars and ties.

Olivia Pritchard, a 17-year-old who is a business administration apprentice, with Skills Group, is expecting technology to play a part in her future and said: “Yes, I think I will still be working in my fifties and I am hoping to progress through the organisation into a management position. I think the workplace will be very different by then and will be radically affected by technology.”

Jak Burgess, aged 22, is a bricklaying apprentice, with Skills Group, said: “Yes, I hope I will be still be working in bricklaying when I am in my fifties, but I think that there will be a lot of changes and health and safety will become even more rigorous.”