Learner Success: Harry Tozer, Level 2 Engineering

We had a chat with Harry Tozer who is currently completing his Level 2 Mechanical Manufacturing apprenticeship at PTG to find out more about his job and his future career aspirations.

“I started carpentry when I left school, but I wasn’t sure it was definitely for me. My Uncle is a welder and recommended the trade, so I came to Skills Group to take part in a Taster Day to try out welding and engineering. I really enjoyed engineering as there is a wide range of tasks to get stuck into, so decided to get my qualifications in this area.

“Engineering is a form of problem solving. We get given technical drawings from clients to put through a machine to cut, but we need to check that the small details are correct – for example if a hole is the right size. If it’s not, we have to analyse the shape and then correct it.

“I chose to do an apprenticeship to get my engineering qualifications rather than go to college, as apprenticeships allow you to get much more hands-on, practical experience. In college, I’d be given lots of theory work, but wouldn’t be as confident actually using the machines.

“My advice to anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship would be not to rush into it; instead, spend some time trying out a few different trades and it’s ok to change your mind!

“In the future, I’d like to stay at PTG and do my Level 3. My goal is to then move into the RAF and become an Aviation Technician using my qualification”.

Well done and good luck Harry!