Amy Kyme: My Story, Apprentice to Professional

“Through my own apprenticeship, I am now able to promote the benefits of apprenticeships to others in my role as an Apprenticeships Administrator.”

I began working for the Apprenticeship Team at Devon County Council in October 2016 as a Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice, which I completed in November 2017. I was delighted to progress onto Level 3 which I am thoroughly enjoying and has resulted in a permanent position within the HR Apprenticeship Team as an Apprenticeships Administrator.

I started my journey completing a Business Studies course at Exeter College. I had planned to go to University, however after my brother, who had also been an apprentice at Devon County Council, told me about their Apprenticeship Scheme, I decided to apply and wait to go to University until after I had completed an apprenticeship. That way I would gain valuable skills, knowledge and work experience.

Working within the Apprenticeship Team made me realise that HR was the career path I wanted to take as I enjoyed all aspects of the job role. That was when I decided to apply for a permanent position in the team and progress within DCC instead of going to university. I am so happy I was able to find the right career for me and avoid the university fees too!

I have been involved in many exciting opportunities such as volunteering and fundraising with The WESC Foundation, A Specialist Centre for Visual Impairment. I assisted with the recruitment process for the new intake of apprentices, something I felt I was able to offer first-hand experience to. I have also joined the Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network, taking part in school talks, I was delighted to recently have the opportunity to visit my old school, to present in front of 250 students about the benefits of an apprenticeship, it was great to be able to inspire young people, just like me!

My proudest achievement was being shortlisted for PPMA (The Public Services People Managers Association) Apprentice of the Year. I had to travel up to Leeds for a two-day competition which consisted of real-life challenges that helped to enhance my skills and abilities and gave me valuable experience.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is unsure what they want to do in the future as it is a great opportunity to continue to learn and gain valuable experience. You never know where it may take you!