How to know which career is right for you

Choosing a career and trying to decide what you’d like to do after you finish studying can be an incredibly daunting process. However, there are some easy steps you can take to narrow down your options and help you embark on your perfect career path.

1) Use your hobbies and interests
Spend ten minutes creating a list of all the things you enjoy doing, from your hobbies to your favourite subjects at school. Next, think about the careers that relate to them – remember, you’ll spend a large proportion of your time working so it’s important to choose a job you’ll enjoy!

2) Think about what you’re good at
Likewise, consider your skills and qualifications to date – what are you good at? Write down all your best attributes, such as communication or hands-on skills, and then reflect on which careers would allow you to put them into practice.

3) Do some research
Browse the internet for sites such as the National Careers Service which gives details of specific jobs across a wide range of industries – from hairdressing to banking. You’ll be able to find out how to enter the sector, what you’ll be doing on a daily basis and even how much you could be paid! There are also plenty of career quizzes online, which will provide you with a number of “career matches” based on your answers. Check out these quizzes from Prospects HERE

4) Ask for guidance
Speak to someone you trust for advice and guidance – this could be a parent, friend or teacher, or even a specialist careers advisor. Ask them what they can imagine you working as and outline your ideas; they might give you some inspiration!

5) Get lots of experience
One of the best ways to narrow down your career options is to try out a few different industries! Organise some work experience, volunteer or sign up for Taster Days. We run Taster Days every week throughout the summer, where you’re able to get hands-on with your preferred trade- or, as many as you like! You can register your interest HERE