Success Stories: Connor Jo Hooper

We caught up with Connor who is currently working on our Automotive Full Time Course – a hands-on programme that is designed to prepare you for an apprenticeship and the world of work. We had a quick chat with Connor to find out more about the course and his future goals after he finishes it.

“The course is a great way to get experience before starting an apprenticeship as it offers the chance to do a work experience placement with a top local garage as well as receive training in Skills Group’s workshop. I’ve learnt how to handle hazardous materials, PPE, and how to use equipment properly and safely, such as an air gun. At the end of the course, I’ll start an apprenticeship feeling more confident and armed with basic industry knowledge – it’ll narrow the gap between school and work.

“My favourite aspect of working as a mechanic is the satisfaction you feel when you get the job done. In the future, I’d like to do an apprenticeship and then keep growing in the trade. I’d ideally specialise in engine and bodywork as those are the areas that interest me the most”.

Well done and good luck Connor!

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