#Inspirational People – Giving back

When selecting a career choice, how many of us base our decision on what we can give back? It is a small percentage of the working population that successfully manage to and we are lucky enough to have two very special Student Support Officers who do exactly that – give back to young people.

Our Support Officers provide help and guidance to each Skills Group learner that requires extra support through 1-2-1 meetings, piecing together a unique Individual Learning Plan to meet each learners needs and putting them in touch with relevant external support agencies that they may further benefit from, such as; CAMHS (Child and Adolescence Mental Health Service), Options, The Zone and The Virtual School.

There are never two days the same in the role of a Student Support Officer, Beth Jacques and Ali Gibson provide a safe environment where a learner can talk openly without judgement but certainty that they are being listened to, sometimes it is the simplest of gestures that are the most effective.

Beth said “I absolutely adore my job, it can be challenging at times but it is so rewarding to work alongside young people helping them to achieve their full potential.
Our main goal in supporting learners, is to ensure they understand that they can achieve anything they want to. It is so inspiring to help them break down barriers, build their self-confidence and create their own paths in life.”

Ali comments “To me, it’s very satisfying when a learner has successfully completed their qualification and I know they are doing well in their chosen career.”

Two recent learners commented on the experience of having a Student Support Officer to mentor them throughout their training.

M mentions that: “The support I get at Skills Group is brilliant, it has kept me on track and supported me both personally and professionally and encouraged me to stick with what I am doing, I can’t thank them enough.”
A commented: “Skills Group were outstanding and really helped me through my tough times. I don’t think enough people do the amazing work that they do with students and the individual care they give is astonishing.