Catching Up With Our Beauty Learners

It’s been 6 months since we launched our brand new, Level 2 Beauty Therapy course, so we thought we’d catch up with our learners to see how they’re doing…

On arrival, the learners were engrossed in their massage training, headed up by Beauty Programme Manager, Lindsay Williams. After the training was complete, the learners started practising, I got the opportunity to talk to the girls about the programme, their experience and their long term career goals.

It was clear they were enjoying having the freedom to learn what they are really interested in and being in an environment that is so different from school. Each of the girls appreciate being treated like adults, learning about the world of work and having to be professional, responsible and punctual.

Delivering skills and techniques on paying customers brought new challenges for the girls – it was nerve racking but they soon started getting a real buzz from happy clients!

Lindsay said “Learning about customer service and making clients feel comfortable and relaxed is as important as performing the treatment correctly. The girls understand this; it is giving them valuable experience of what would be expected of them in their future careers.”

It is great to hear that the girls are enjoying their newly found sense of responsibly and thriving in the environment. They love working in the new therapy room, having a clean, calm space with new equipment provides them with the opportunity to visualise themselves in a real working environment.
When discussing future careers with the girls, most have aspirations of working in a spa or beauty salon, and many are dreaming of one day opening their own businesses.

Lindsay said, “I have been teaching Beauty Therapy for eighteen years now and I love it! It is amazing to see so many young people develop into professional Beauty Therapists, and go on to get exciting jobs within the industry. There are so many personal skills that can be developed whilst training in beauty and it is great to see the learners’ confidence and interactions with clients improve. It makes me very happy to see learners develop that passion for the industry just like I have.”

It is great to hear that the girls are so positive about their training and the skills they are gaining. We wish them every success and will continue to follow them throughout the rest of their course.