Break the trend: Meet our apprenticeship champion Lee Dilley

“A couple of years ago I sat my GCSEs, this year I’m…”

“Working on my Level 2 Carpentry Apprenticeship at AK Carpenters. I didn’t have much of a work ethic at school and I preferred hands-on learning rather than being sat at a desk. I was very open minded about what I wanted to do next so I thought coming in for a Taster Day at Skills Group would be the best way to narrow down my choices. I tried a range of construction trades but carpentry appealed to me the most, as it would also be useful for DIY at home.

“I’m enjoying my apprenticeship and the independence it has given me; I make my own decisions much more often at work compared to school. I’m also saving up for a car with my salary which will increase my independence even more.

“In the future, I’d like to progress onto a Level 3 and then become self-employed. I like the idea of working abroad in Australia using my new skills!”